Winter Classes Offer Sweet Success

People tell me that downhill skiing is fun. For most of my life I felt like a giraffe on skis, sliding awkwardly toward humiliation and destruction. Then over the holidays I took a private lesson, and by the end of the day I felt like I was getting the hang of it! It was exhilarating to see my progress and believe that I might, finally, have some of this fun I’d been hearing about. The other day at the shop, our newest staff member Clementine was helping someone with a lace project and I overheard the same kind of happy realization: I get it! For us knitters, crocheters and weavers, there’s always fun waiting to be unraveled in a skein of yarn–with very low risk of humiliation and destruction–and I invite you to experience your own “Eureka!” moment by learning a new skill or tackling a more challenging project this winter. We’re just waiting to cheer you on, so take a peek at our class list, grab a friend and get started!

New for You

One of the many things I love about the fiber arts is that there is always something new to learn, no matter how long you’ve been stitching. I’m especially excited about classes we’re offering for the first time, such as the Brioche and Welting Clinics and Magic Loop Two-at-a-Time Socks with Clementine; and Felted Placemats on the Rigid Heddle Loom with Laura. (Shown below: Stephen West’s Bundled in Brioche Scarf and Batad.)


Class Favorites Return

Of course, it wouldn’t be a class schedule without Shellye’s Learn to Knit and Next Steps series, and Sydney’s Project Class, which continue through the spring. Crash Course Colorwork with Darcie shows you how to knit a beautiful stranded hat in no time by using self-striping yarns; Lyle will help you finish your projects like a pro with her Finish It! class; Laura covers the fundamentals of cable knitting with Cables Demystified and the cozy Worth Valley Cowl by Dani Sunshine; and our drop-in Knit Club for kids returns starting this Thursday, January 15.


I’ll be teaching knitters and other newbies the basics of crochet, while Lyle will take your crochet skills further with Not Your Mother’s Granny Square. As we move toward springtime, I hope you’ll join us for our Striped Shawl or Top-down Tee Knit-a-Longs–a KAL* is always an enjoyable way to share your knitting experience with new friends. (Shown below: Color Affection by Veera Valimaki and Rondeur by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark.)


Mark Your Calendar

Two much-anticipated events are coming up soon: the annual Super Sunday Yarn Swap on February 1, and the semi-annual 20% off sale on February 6 & 7. In the meantime, our January clearance sale is still going on, with good quantities remaining of several yarns. And I’d love to see you at Open Knit Night, now every Tuesday evening from 6 – 8 p.m.